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ToolbarStudio v4.2.0.45

ToolbarStudio v4.2.0.45 | 10.45 Mb

This software utility helps you create and customize branded absolutely independent IE and FIREFOX toolbars.

Want to create powerful and cool looking IE toolbars but you don\’t know how to use complicated programming languages Toolbar Studio is the right tool for the job. In just two minutes you will be able to create completely functional toolbars without writing a single line of code! In addition, with only one mouse click it can build single-file installation ready to deploy to your customers!

You can always test your toolbar in Internet Explorer by only one mouse click. Toolbar Studio features user-friendly visual WYSIWYG editor with ability to create and edit components using drag&drop and attach certain actions to components.

Integrated Script Editor lets you write action scripts with minimal use of keyboard for minimal amount of time. If you need more advanced functions than ones originally supported by Script Editor you can write your own extension DLLs in any programming language using supplied SDK.

Toolbar Studio supports all necessary components for toolbars: Labels, Hyperlinks, Edit Boxes, Combo Boxes, Buttons, Drop-Menu Buttons, Images (BMP, JPG, GIF and ICO types) and Separators, but if you need more you can always create extension DLL for manipulating with custom components.

Here are some key features of "Toolbar Studio":
· Add your logo, brand your toolbar
· Add unlimited buttons and menus
· Add search engines & links integration
· Multilingual support
· Update, installation and uninstallation
· Popup killer
· Keyword Highlighting
· Dynamic elements
· Easy to use
· Change update the links in seconds
· Gadgets support
· More than 20 different plugins – RSS, radio, flash buttons, google suggest search and many more…

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