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Kain Kafan Perawan (2010) (Indo) DVDRiP MKV

pvnvxf9uuuxd Kain Kafan Perawan (2010) (Indo) DVDRiP MKV

Kain Kafan Perawan (2010) (Indo) DVDRiP MKV | 288 MB

infoaka Kain Kafan Perawan (2010) (Indo) DVDRiP MKV

iMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1631739/
Plot: Rasty and her friends are making a home made video clip in a railway station. While shooting the video, something happens and they found demons appearing in the video. The demon appearance made Rasty curious and have an idea to make a horror documentary out of the railway station and make money from it. But they didn’t lucky, because when they tried to record the event, demons appeared and injured Rasty friends to death. Luckily Rasty was survived with many injuries and fell unconscious. The curse has gotten worse and haunt Rasty until she found an answer to stop the curse once and for all. The station was expected to be a place where a virgin girl was raped and killed in one of the trains. To end the terror, she must take a torn shroud of a virgin girl who had died and burned the torn fabric.
Genre: Horror
Language: Indonesian
Subtitle: English Subtitle Hardsubbed
Format: MKV
Source: Kain Kafan Perawan 2010 DVDRiP XViD
Encoder: LIP
Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOcsBouTm2Y

screencoc Kain Kafan Perawan (2010) (Indo) DVDRiP MKV

bippd7r0sq84 Kain Kafan Perawan (2010) (Indo) DVDRiP MKV

downlofef Kain Kafan Perawan (2010) (Indo) DVDRiP MKV

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